GrandMaster Allah Freedom 
Makoto Ryu Jitsu-Te

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Makoto Ryu Jitsu-Te

Soke Allah Freedom,
10th Degree RedBelt Founder of Makoto Ryu Jitsu-Te.

Grandmaster Freedom martial arts career began in 1963 as a Cub Scout in Harlem, NY where he focused on the basics of Judo, Jujutsu and Karate. In the late 60's he met Sensei Lopez and the structured training regimen of Goju Ryu Karate. Later, as a purple belt, met a Sensei of Hawiian Kempo, Ken Sappio who possessed impressive techniques resembling the patterns of Goju Ryu. His journey soon led him to the famous St.Johns Community Center in Brooklyn, NY under the positive influence of the legendary Professor Moses Powell and his unique system of Jujutsu and Street-ology. In the 1970's "Obosan" Owen Watson of Chinese Goju, Gave Freedom old-school, hard-knocks training. Obosan honed his spirit, developed his mind and body.
Grandmaster Freedom was fortuntunate enough to study under the Legendary GRM. BlackHawk Sancarlos (Founder of the Sancarlos System)
and was promoted to the Title of Master on April 4th 1997
Soke Adul Bilal, Founder of  "Biliailan Ryu Jujitsu" encouraged Freedom, into developing his own system which he calls "Makoto Ryu Jujitsu-Te". In 2009 Soke Bilal awarded Allah Freedom the level of 10th Degree RedBelt, "Soke"!